I made DanDoh Scarf - Crocheted hugs for Japan . this is another charity scarf with Crochet. the scarf can be for men or women.
it is very easy to make one. need to know just ch, sc and dc only!!


Syd said...

Beautiful! Nice to have one the men will use as well..will add it to my project list. We are planning to drop some scarfs off at the shop when we are in town in June.

Yumiko said...

Thanks again! I have been working on the crochet scarf for men for a while. It took a little longer than I wanted. But it came out pretty simple and nice design.
hope people enjoy crocheting the scarf!

LS said...

I can't seem to get to the pattern. How do I get to it?


Nicole said...

so lovely!
I cannot get it to open either - tried both links. Thanks!

Nicole said...

found it on ravelry! thanks so much!

Yumiko said...

I am sorry that it has some problem to download the pattern.
I have a pattern on Ravelry too.

Thank you!