I do have my website for Dandoh.
Please check it out!


I visited NPO Group "SAVE IWATE" in Tohoku area where had Earthquake. Save Iwate is located at mountain side, so they didn't have Tsunami problem..... but there are many victims who moved from Ocean side which had Tsunami and Earthquake. So SAVE IWATE group is there for providing things what victims need.

The space is filled with many stuff (electrical stuff, kitchen stuff, clothing....), victims come there and choose & take.

I like their system like a store, specially for our knitted items. Because they can chose the color they like, they can touch and feel.......

We opened the boxes,

They could not wait! they started to look inside boxes.

the scarves are on the table.

I got some interview from publish companies and news paper companies. They will talk about our charity on their paper and publish magazine.
I will let you know when I see them on the net.


I am finally doing better form jetlag.
I am going to Tohoku area where had Tsunami and Earthquakein a couple of days. I will meet the group who take care of our knitted items.
we are going to open the boxes from us together.
I am so excited in being there....

Tohoku is 5 1/2 hours by train from my home town.


I have been trying to publish post, but the computer didn't let me do it somereason for long time.
I finally am able to publish with my computer in Japan!!!

Yes, I am in Japan right now. I have arrived in Japan a couple days ago.
It was very very long trip because of typhoon. the airplane arrived in Japan at the same time as Thyphoon hit in Tokyo. the airplane could not land for long time. I needed to take some train or bus to get my home town, but all transpotation was stopped. so it took 17 hours to get my parents house.

Anyway, I am here in Japan.

All scarves and knitted items for charity have arrived in Japan. It is total 1000 items!!!!!
Everything have sent to NPO group in Tohoku area. I am going to there next wednesday and open all boxes there.

Thank you all who attend this charity. I am so excited in going there and opening the boxes with them.


Thank to many of you
for sending me the scarf for Japan.

I have been collected
over 500 scarves, hats, and other item from people across the country.

I will ship them by middle of September.

I will be there in Japan at the end of September, so I will make sure that all scarves get to the
right place.

I am still collecting the scarves.
Thank you very much again.


I've just got information about my 2nd book.

It is ready to pre-order now!


I made DanDoh Scarf - Crocheted hugs for Japan . this is another charity scarf with Crochet. the scarf can be for men or women.
it is very easy to make one. need to know just ch, sc and dc only!!