Errata "Ripples and Waves"

Collar stitch pattern.
work Rows 1-9 7 times. ( the pattern said 6 times)

Lace Band
(last sentence) work in Lace Band Stitch for 2 tinches instead of 5 inches.

I am sorry for the errata.
Yumiko Alexander


DeeVH said...

Is there an error in how many stitches for the ripples and waves cardi for the collar. Your numbers don't add up for the 256 CO. There are 6 stitches in row 1. 6 divided into 256 is 42.6 All of the other Rows work to 256. Please advise if I am correct in your pattern reading.

Thank you, Dee Van Horne

Yumiko said...

Hi Dee
it will work the pattern with 266 CO.
the Collar pattern for Row 1 is
K2 *YO K2tog* rep bet * to last 2 sts, end K2.
this means you knit 2 sts, then you work *yo, K2tog* 126 times for small size ( 256 CO), then you knit 2 sts at the end.
Enjoy knitting!