I will be back to Regular schedule soon.

I have been enjoying spending time with my boys while their Summer Break.
They are 10 years old now, so they will not need me anymore sometime soon.

I have been knitting somd designs from my book "Yumiko Warm Earth" through this summer.
It is easier for me to do mindless knitting while I am with my boys. and I need to have some garments from my book for trunk shows.

I made the following garments past one month. I did a lot of knitting, at Movie theater, Community Center, side of Swiming pool and Basket Ball Coat, anyplace I can knit.
My goal was knitting about 200 yards of yarn every day.
Sometime I could not do it, but I did OK.

But, I could make any new designs in this summer. I will go back to regular schedule in a week, after my boys go back to school. I cannot wait.

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